Scout & Boo

Scout & Boo are husband and wife David & Teresa Beswick. Inspired by mid-century Scandinavian design, their contemporary hand crafted furniture brings together the best of British design and craftsmanship to create stunning statement pieces of furniture. By creating artwork which they apply to each piece, their furniture transcends it’s function and becomes an artwork in it’s own right, creating conversation, inspiring and fuelling the imagination.

The design duo also source original pieces, which they fully restore and give the Scout & Boo treatment to produce truly original one-off items of furniture.

Whether you are a home maker looking for furniture to complement your existing decor, or an interior designer looking for furniture to fulfill a clients brief, Scout & Boo’s flexible design and production process enables them to tailor the design to be coherent with your interior scheme and the vision you have set out.

Choose from an existing Scout & Boo design, have the colour changed to match your room, or have a completely unique artwork individually designed to your brief. Creating artwork inspired by a pattern or an accent colour that you have chosen, or something completely unique and personal to you or your client, Scout & Boo’s furniture can be the statement piece that brings your vision together, or the focal object to design it around. 

If you have a project that you would like to discuss then please get in touch and we can look at the limitless possibilities.

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