Laurent Peacock Design

Laurent Peacock is an award-winning contemporary furniture designer and maker based near London, UK. He has a fascination with materials and his work combines these in ways which trigger associations, evoke emotion and elicit surprise.

He holds a coveted Bespoke Guild Mark from the Furniture Makers’ Company for his ‘Sika’ console table.

Laurent is lucky to work with a variety of private clients to develop bespoke designs which sit in the sweet spot where aesthetics marry up with functional needs. His pieces are held in private collections from Mustique to Transylvania. 

In 2018 Laurent launched his new ‘Piper’ range of small-batch occasional tables and mirrors featuring a unique surface material he developed personally from whole peppercorns and resin. These are available for custom order in a range of colour-ways, including his most recent development: the ‘Rosel’ pink himalayan rock salt terrazzo.

If you’re interested in finding out more about any of Laurent’s existing pieces or would like a no-obligation chat about having a bespoke piece designed then please do get in touch.

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