Eclectic Global Design

Adding value by design – high-return, engaging interiors for investors, developers and the hospitality industry

We help

– high-profile developers and investors
– prestigious restaurants, bars, stores, hotels

get the most out of your investment by designing high-return, engaging experiences that make your customers and guests feel comfortable, stay longer, spend more and want to come back.

We have a proven team to be able to deliver you an end-to-end process from design through project development to an impressive and functional space.

– we increased the return on investment by 31% purely with our design on a central apartment
– we increased bookings and rating on a B&B in England.

“We have received great reviews regarding our styling and also, we started receiving more bookings after posting pictures of her styling on our website and other online travel agents.” – Divya Nagarajan
Branding & Marketing

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