11 Reasons to go Independent

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British homebuyers take three times longer choosing a sofa than they do choosing a house, according to research. At HoM we understand that what you have in your home is important and we are all about supporting independent designers. There are so many reasons why buying products and services from independent companies can benefit not just you but the community that you live in, some of which may be quite surprising. Here are eleven reasons we think going independent is the way forward for your home design.

1 Supporting your Local Economy:

It is estimated that for every £10 spent at an independent retailer in the UK, £50 is put back into the local economy. And the reason is quite simple: local independent businesses are owned by people who spend their money on local businesses; restaurants, cafes, shops, suppliers, essentially recirculating money that is spent locally rather than it being held in shares or business accounts.

2 Individuality and Originality

Ever walked into a friend’s house and heard yourself say ‘I’ve got that *cushion/curtain/chair/lamp/wallpaper/pretty much any piece of off the shelf interior*’? Buying from independent designers is a breath of fresh air in comparison leaving you with a room that fits you like a well tailored suit and unlike anyone else’s.

3. Creating local jobs

Collectively, small companies are Britain’s largest employer, and what’s more they are more likely to pay better than chains. Through supporting local businesses and helping them grow, you can help create jobs and a healthier economy for the community.

4. Personality and Authenticity

People run independent businesses, not executive boards or shareholders. This gives them an authenticity and personality that is injected into the designs and character of the products and services that you buy.

5. Customer Service

Not only do you get authenticity from an independent designer, you also get genuine customer service. Our designers can offer you products and layouts that are suitable for you and your home. You make more than just a purchase, and can build real relationships with people who genuinely care.

6. Its environmentally friendly

Particularly when going local, using an independent designer can have a positive impact on the environment. It means reduced travel and transportation for a start which reduces pollution and the overall carbon footprint. When it comes to furniture in particular, many of our designers make build to last rather than throw away pieces from ethically sourced materials.

7. Supporting British entrepreneurs

Working independently is tough. Especially as a start up and in our current situation of Brexit uncertainty. Going independent you are supporting these creative and passionate individuals to grow their businesses.

8. Innovation

Innovation and progression comes from individuals and independents. Imagine being one of the first people to have bought an Ercol chair or having been one of Kelly Hoppen’s first clients? You never know where our designers’ journeys are going to take them

9. Government Incentives

We’ll keep this one short and sweet, as tax isn’t the most exciting of topics for most, but essentially buying from local independent businesses can create up to 75% more tax revenue for your community.

10. Shaping your Area’s Identity

Just think about places like Shoreditch, Brighton, Glasgow and Manchester. All these places have a thriving independent community and their identity is impacted and shaped by this.

11. If things go wrong

Obviously no one wants any issues, however they do happen from time to time. Buying independently and locally means that if anything ever does go wrong you dont have a call centre number to call, an anonymous person to talk to, or the inevitable phone wait with the inevitably awful music. Instead, you have a direct contact, a person, often face to face, who can work to fix any issues quickly.

As Home of Makers grows, our aim is to support as many independent UK interior businesses as possible. Browse our Makers for free, post jobs for free and get all the benefits of supporting independent.